About Zachary Will

Zach is a professional videographer based in Roswell, GA. He's worked as a wedding videographer over the past 4 years. He's also worked on corporate videos for companies like Pepsi Co, Comcast, Home Depot, Sears, Six Flags, Hershey, Delta, Bloomberg, WebMD, the Atlanta Braves, and more! Zach has also written, directed, and produced a feature film. And he'd love to capture your wedding!



I don't know how you did it, but for me, you told a story and had me in tears here, crying like a baby.
Henry, Father of the Bride
Crying in my car on my lunch break! Beautiful, Zach!
Julie, Bridesmaid
Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so so so very much Zachary . You are talented. This is perfect!
Virginia, Bride
So cute!!!! I love it!!!
Attena, Bride

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