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Zach is an Atlanta-based Corporate Videographer and Film Director. He has experience on hundreds of productions including ones from brands like Sears, Home Depot, Webmd, Delta, Bloomberg, Six Flags, the Atlanta Braves, and more. He's worked with Emmy award-winning Hoplite Entertainment on two docu-series as an assistant cameraman. His first feature length film, Grandma Werewolf, is coming out Thanksgiving 2017.

Grandma Werewolf

Feature Film Writer/Director

Grandma Werewolf is my directorial debut. I've writen, directed, and co-produced the project.

It's about a family that goes to their recently widowed grandmother's cabin for Thanksgiving. There they find out that their grandmother is actually a werewolf. Without Grandpa around to stop her, the family must put aside their problems, learn magic, and steal a silver sword to subdue the Grandma Werewolf!

InfoSystems, Inc

Corporate Director

First, Infosystems wanted to create a video that showed off it's new partnership with ASPU, another IBM Business partner.

They brought us back for another video series on their various storage solutions.

We shot on our own gear, dual C100s, kinos, tweenie, ect. The small crew consisted of a DP, Editor/AC, Soundmixer, and myself(director)

Lydia Meredith

Video Series Lead Videographer/Editor

I shot and edited a video to promote Lydia's new book, The Gay Preacher's Wife. I also created the motion graphics.

We shot on our own gear, dual C100s, Canon DSLRs, kinos, tweenie, ect. The small crew consisted of myself and another videographer.

Griffon Ramsey

Video Series Videographer

Griffon Ramsey wanted a video series that could help beginner carvers start out. She created the series during her trip to Chaptacula Chainsaw Carving Bash 2016.

Griffon Ramsey is a youtuber with over 85k subscribers. She's an an artist with a passion for chainsaws.

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