The Future of Film Technology and Filmmaking


With the release of technology such as the Oculus Rift and many copycats and extensions of Virtual Reality. It becomes the question of whether this technology will easy it’s way into filmmaking or will stay a video game tool. Through out my filmmaking friends, the opinions appear fairly split between films staying the way they are and films morphing into a video game hybrid. So what will really happen. Thus far many “new filmmaking add-ons” haven’t worked very well with audiences. For example although 3D sales for certain movies have done very well, it seems that the general conception of audiences is that 3D is not worth the extra cost. Perhaps dues to audience and filmmakers current preconceptions about films and what they should be, new technologies such as HFR and VR in filmmaking may never become the norm of films. I think that for specific projects however that they can offer a lot and develop niche audience. What do you think?

This article was inspired by a recent video from CineFix;