List of Distribution Platforms You can Distribute Your Film


There are so many VOD platforms that have come out in the recent history. I’ve decided to make a list of them, partially for my own sake and partially to help you guys decide on where to host your film.

List –

Amazon – (Instant Video/Prime/DVD) –

Netflix (VOD subscription service/ by invite only)

ReelHouse – – VOD & small marketplace – 10% + $.50 per transaction – own page

VHX – – 10% + $.50 per transaction – own page

Gumroad – – 5% + $.25 per transaction (best paired with your own website) One of my favorite options…

Youtube – Recommended only for last resort (ad revenue only)

Vimeo On Demand – $199 per year + 10% one of most expensive to set up but offers a marketplace

Distrify – pricing based on plan – lowest monthly fee (free) however takes a 30% take – Not VOD but helps you get your films into Theaters which is where most of the film industry’s money is anyways.

Simple Machine – Similar to -

Gathr Films – Also like

Rooftop Films – Also helps with Theatric showings but in a more indie sense.

Universe/Eventjoy – also for theatric distribution. Could use to sell tickets but you would have to contact movie theaters individually. $.99+ 2% per ticket

Yekra – They’re website doesn’t say much about their services but you can check it out @

Blinkbox – British Site – Don’t Know how to get on to it. –

Bittorrent Bundle – VOD Platform based on torrents

Indiereign – VOD Marketplace –

Fandor – Netflix for indie films –

Itunes – Requires an aggregator unless you have produced 5 features-length films that had a theatric run

Quiver Digital – – Not really a Platform, but they help you get onto Sony Entertainment Network, Google Play and iTunes. But it will cost you about $1,300 for the three for a feature film. There has to be a cheaper alternative.

Distribber – – like Quiver Digital they work with getting your film on Platforms. The prices are about the same too.

ZooDigital – Itunes Aggregator $300 fixed fee.

A lot of filmmakers suggest that you mix and match the platforms in order to maximize your reach and possible audience. As far as which ones I think that a filmmaker should go for… I think that the best strategy would be to use Gumroad on your film’s website so that you can sell the movie with the lowest price per sale. And then use marketplace based VOD platforms such as Vimeo, Amazon, and iTunes to boast your reach and sales.

If you find any please place it in the comments and I will gladly add it to the list.