Three People You Should Never Shoot a Film Without


Whether you are on a professional or a personal shoot, there are positions you should never shoot without. On a small budget you may find people doubling up on jobs but here’s the positions that I find to be the most crucial (other than a writer/director/producer).

1) Sound Mixer
This is the most important person to have on the list. Having some one dedicated to sound can ensure that you will end up with at least decent sound. Sound Mixers will often say that sound is 50% of your movie. And if you only have a small crew, this is the first person you should find. Even a friend holding an H1 on a monopod is better than nothing.

2) Director of Photography
Many directors like to operate camera but getting some one else to think about the look allows you more time to focus on actors. The director of photography will also help think of creative ways to shoot the scene and often be crucial to the schedule (so be sure they can work at a decent pace). This is also a great person to have if you don’t a good camera or just want to up the look of your film.

3) 1st AC/Gaffer
An assistant camera will ensure that your footage is in focus. He can also help your DP setup lights and just in general speed up the film.

Honorable Mention – Production Designer
Without a Production Designer, all of the Art falls to the director. On a simple film this may not be too bad, however the larger the film the more important the Production Designer is.

6D Magic Lantern Raw vs BMPCC Raw


A Test of my BMPCC raw vs my friend, Clifford Shorey’s, Canon 6D with Magic Lantern Raw.
Thanks to our models – Jess & Raf

All at F/8 on Canon 24-105mm F/4L except
MCU of Jess Canon 50mm F/1.8+ND
200 or 400ISO
BMPCC with Speedbooster

Overall summary, they both we’re very comparable. Dynamic Range was basically the same. Colors are different. The BMPCC as most blackmagic cameras is slightly green but easy to correct in Premiere. Also colors on the BMPCC just seemed less vibrant. The 6D had some moire while the BMPCC appeared to have none. The BMPCC also had some extra resolution to move the image up and down in post but the horizontal resolution is nearly the same. The 6D had different DOF and POV given the same framing. The 6D had a 1.18x crop while, with the speedbooster, the BMPCC has a 1.75x crop. So the 6D has a shallower DOF and wider background.