SEC Country and Jeff Woods


A recent project I had the pleasure of being apart was SEC Country & Jeff Woods’ “We are Volunteers” music video. It was a very small crew, just myself, the singer, the producer, and his wife. We filmed through the streets leading up to a Tennsense game. It was a very run and gun style filming with mostly natural light. Occasionally on the performance shots we used a reflector board to make Jeff’s face pop off the background.

I filmed the project with the Canon C100 and XC10. This was one of my first projects with the Canon XC10 and wanted to put it through it’s paces. Due to the slow motion, I tended to grab the XC10 for most of the b-roll shots. Unfortunately it’s screen was hard to tell what was in focus and was disappointed to see many of the shots out of focus once I dumped my cards for the day. Although it was a decent companion for my C100 as it was small enough to fit in my camera bag and carry it around.

The video got a bit of press. It has over 28k views on Facebook and over 1k on Youtube. It was also featured in a local newspaper. The music video depicted many of the struggles that Tennsense locals had recently gone through and how it makes them stronger.